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​経済産業大臣指定伝統的工芸品「都城大弓」Japanese Traditional Bow
More than 100 years ago, Reimei’s history began with the first generation Reimei. Since then, the craft has been honed to deliver yumi of the highest quality to you. Our carefully crafted bamboo yumi excel in form and performance and have been designated “traditional Japanese crafts” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1994. 
This traditional technique is handed down from the father to only one child.
Today, the traditional technique of this craft is being handed down to the fourth generation. 

Bamboo bow(Japanese wax tree core material)



Core material are made from burnt bamboo and Japanese wax tree.
It is said that HAZE(Japanese wax tree) is most suitable material for traditional bamboo bow.
You can HANARE(release) with less recoil more than carbon bow.

Bamboo bow(Maple tree core material / Built-in Carbon)



Core material are made from burnt bamboo maple tree and carbon material sheet.
This bamboo bow blended  traditional skill and modern technology.
You can shoot fast arrow and take care of bow easily more than another bamboo bow.
​This bamboo bow has beautiful wood pattern.

Bamboo bow(Japanese wax tree core material  / natural glue)


Core material are made from burnt bamboo, Japanese wax tree and natural glue.
We are making natural glue from deer skin.
These natural glue help you release with less recoil more than another bow.

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